Rider Profile: Hannah from Black Arrow Label


SUUS: Tell us who you are and where you’re from?

Hannah: My name is Hannah Smith and i'm from Sydney. I grew up in Bathurst, NSW. I've been a fashion designer for around 10 years and a lover of motorcycles all my life. Everyone in my family rides; grandparents, parents, brother, aunties and uncles, cousins. It seems it's ingrained on both sides of my family and was almost inevitable that I turned my creativity to something I was more passionate about.

SUUS: What do you do?

Hannah: I am the owner of Black Arrow Motorcycle Gear, a label that caters to women who ride. I design gear that I would want to wear and try to fill the void in the women's market. It's all about having style and safety not sacrificing one for the other.

SUUS: What are you riding?

Hannah: Currently, I'm in the process of restoring a '94 Kawasaki ZR550. It needs a bit of love before I can get it on the road but i'm pretty excited about the end result. Previously I had a 2004 SR 400.

SUUS: Whats your typical ride get up from head to toe?

Hannah: I'm an ATGATT kinda girl. I don't believe that just because you may be riding a short distance you don't need to gear up. Having experienced a hit earlier this year not far from my house it's now cemented that mantra. It was lucky I was all geared up at the time! I'm usually wearing a full face helmet; currently the Bell Bullit, one of the Black Arrow jackets, leather gloves, jeans and some thick leather boots if it's just around the city. For longer distances I put on some kevlar base layers under my normal gear and heavy duty boots.

SUUS: Scariest thing to happen while riding?

Hannah: That would have to be riding through a huge storm in Sydney in March. Normally I don't mind riding in the rain, it's not my favourite thing to do but if I have to get somewhere I'll do it. But this time round it was pretty scary. I was riding with some other girls down the freeway and over the Harbour Bridge. You couldn't see two feet in front of you, the water was two inches deep on the road, the spray from the cars going past was like being dunked by waves and it was really windy. There was nowhere to pull over so we pushed on through it. Not fun.

SUUS: Favourite place to ride?

Hannah: Getting out of the city and into the country is incredible. So much more freedom to move with the bike. Kangaroo Valley is beautiful to ride through, some parts of the road are a little hairy but there are some really good bends.

SUUS: Big plans for 2016?

Hannah: Black Arrow has grown rapidly over the last 6 months and the rest of this year is looking very exciting. I've got some exclusive new fabrications coming in new styles and will be looking into some new technology for safety gear. There might even be a men's jacket or two since all the boys seem to want a Wild & Free jacket for themselves...


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Ann Brewer:

Hi Hanna,

I have recently taken over Bike-her Clothing which is a small business focusingon women who love riding Motorcycles.
I am also involved with the Two Wheel Babes Organised by Debb Dagger.
Like you, my dream is to bring a range of clothing to women riders that not only look great but are functional, comfortable, and pack up to almost nothing.
The group I ride with often travel long distances and we never seem to have enough space in our rack packs or panniers.
I would love to chat with you about what it is you would be able to supply me with. If you are interested of course.
My Number is… 0408422764
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Jun 27, 2016

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