We interviewed one of our favourite Californian motorcycle photographers and riders Zack Eddings (@zachiatrist)


SUUS: G’day Zach, Can you introduce yourself and tell us how you got involved with the moto scene?

Zach: I'm Zach, aka @zachiatrist on the insta webs. To pay the bills I do design and animation for commercials, sports teams and TV shows. But when I get around to it I love shooting photos of the motorcycle culture. I had an old clunker that barely ran when I was little that I got from a garage sale. I think that was the start of it..that and the nice scar the exhaust left on my calf muscle. But I really began riding more when I got out here to LA and my buddy started riding. So I began looking for a bike to tinker with, found one.. and made it my own. Then I started posting photos of it on my instagram, and just started getting more and more into riding and finding new places to go shoot. That led me into getting into some local rides around here in LA, and meeting some great folks along the way. 



SUUS: What bike do you currently own and what’s your dream bike?

Zach: Right now its a juggle between the 1977 Honda CJ360T and the 1995 Sporty XL1200. If I had to choose a dream bike and was rich af... I'd probably have Gustav of Apogee Motorworks build me one. His bikes are works of art. That or maybe the P51 Fighter from Confederate Motors. I hear that thing cost a buck or two to build. 


SUUS: You’re based in LA,  whats the bike scene like there?

Zach: Its great here. And getting bigger every time I go on big group rides. There's sort of "scenes" scattered all over LA.. I live on the westside so I don't get to hang out with the East siders as much as I'd like. But the Venice Vintage Motorcycle Club puts together rides here every 3rd Sunday of each month. The one just this month had what seemed like maybe 100 bikers, all of us doing the usual ride up north along the PCH to Neptunes Net, then back to Deus Ex Machina for Sunday Mass (beers, burgers, bands, bikes) out in the parking lot. Its a great time. 



SUUS: Whats a classic LA ride and what makes it unique.

Zach: For me, whenever people come to town to ride/visit, I usually end up taking them on the route south toward San Pedro/Long Beach. Once you get out of traffic the roads are pretty fun. The scenic stops atop the cliffs of Palos Verdes are good places to chill and take in some views of the coastline below. Then its back on the bikes to head to Long Beach across the St. Vincent Bridge. Bridges are just cool. 


SUUS: Whats inspiring you at the moment?

Zach: Usually I'm inspired by movies. Anything super cinematic always inspires me to aim to be a better photographer, and capture the lifestyle in new ways and colors. 


SUUS: What would be your top tips for amateur bike photographers?

Zach: My top tips would be.. Don't try WAY too hard to be the best. You can really see it in people's work when they try too hard. I'm not the best and never will be, but I've found my best photos were never planned out. I hate planning, and hate big productions. All you need is to be in the moment with good friends, and great content will result. Don't over filter your photos, or over edit them with crappy HDR effects. But certainly edit them. I believe editing is where "you" shine through in a photo and add your feeling into it at the time. 


SUUS: What gear do you use?

Zach: Currently I'm shooting on just a Canon 7D with various lenses: Canon 70-200mm f2.8 L IS, Canon 55mm f1.2 FL converted to EF mount, Canon 24mm f2.8 pancake, and a couple of Rokinons (35mm f1.4, and 14mm Cine T). When I'm out riding and shooting I'm using the pancake lens because its so light and shoots great. Everything strapped onto my @damnfinegoods camera harness.


SUUS: Whats next for you, any thing interesting lined up? Any future bike shoots planned?

Zach: Right now, I've been doing a lot of design work and screen printing for my brand @oldencompany to get ready for some product launches. Next on my radar is going to hopefully be getting into some new rides/trips and begin shooting a ton of content for that!

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