SUUS HONDA TEAM UPDATE: Matt pushes it at Phillip Island

Matt Barton Strip VRR Aug 2016 

It was a weekend of close racing for Matt Barton at round 2 of the Victorian Road Race Series held at Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, August 27th and 28th. Some Great races covered all classes but none were closer than the Moto3/125cc Class, with less than a tenth being the average gap between 1st and 2nd across the 3 races.

Of the Moto3/125 GP field was 2015 MotoGP Wild Card Matt Barton (VIC) who won the round overall ahead of Dylan Whiteside (VIC) and Dallas Skeer (SA). The race weekend started of strong for the 20 year old who qualified in 2nd position aboard the SUUS FTR HONDA..

“Both our qualifying sessions were okay, a front row start is always a good result. the lower number of moto3 guys this weekend  meant we were very  spread out on track so there wasn’t much help from slipstreaming other riders. But the pace in the races should be much higher once were all fighting for position and using each other’s slipstream.”

Said Matt. 

Race 1 was the closest of all the finishes with Matt Barton just fending off the slipstreaming attack from Dylan Whiteside by 0.022 of a second the final time down Gardner Straight.   

“It’s good to get the Race win. I haven’t been able to do as much riding as these other lads this year so to come out strong and win the first race is a good confidence boost for the rest of the weekend.”

Said Matt after the win.  

The sun set on Saturday, and Sunday morning rose with wet and rainy conditions for the Island. After the wet “warm up” sessions the sun provided some much anticipated sunshine drying the track ready for racing. Race 2 for the Moto3/125cc saw another close finish with pole man Tom Edwards (NSW) just taking the win over Matt Barton by less than a bike length.

“It was a good race. My start wasn’t the greatest and I gave myself some work to do in the early laps. We managed to regroup and I was able to close the gap on tom. Were out here trying some different engine configurations this weekend to see what works best and were moving in the right direction. So it’s all positive”

Said Matt after returning to the pits.

The final race of the weekend saw Matt and Tom again jostling for the win. With a few small mistakes by both parties seeing the gap close and expand each lap. With tommy etching out matt for a second time after the 20 year old closed a 1.7 second gap in the final 2 laps of the race.

“It was a good race. We changed the engine setup between races and we moved just a little too far so the bike was a little down on speed. 2nd is good and has given us the overall round win so I’m happy. The SUUS HONDA team worked really hard this weekend and we gained some pretty good data that we can expand on once we head back to the workshop.”

Concluded Matt.

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* Main photo by: Steve Thibou


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