We managed to fit in some questions with David Leyshon before The Shakedown exhibition opens this weekend - 

SUUS: Can you introduce yourself and tell us how you got involved with the moto scene? 
David: My name is David Leyshon or you might know my social media name Chop Shot, i'm from Melbourne Australia. I've been shooting bikes for a year and a half now. I bought my first bike over 2 years ago after thinking about it for way too long. It was a Kawasaki w400 which I gave a few makeovers to whilst I had it. I work at a photography studio in Melbourne and decided to shoot my bike one day. The photos turned out pretty good so I decided to approach my friends at Midlife Cycles to see if they would lend me some bikes to practice on. From that day I haven't stopped shooting bikes. I love meeting other bike owners and picking their brains for pointers. I've met so many great people, a lot of them I now call my close friends, and learnt a lot about bikes since I started. I also don't discriminate on styles. If it has 2 wheels (or 3) i'll shoot it. 
SUUS: What bike are you riding/working on at the moment? 
David: Currently i'm building a 1969 Triumph Bonneville Rigid chopper. I bought it off a mate who has already done a lot of work on it. As I know very little about building bikes a lot of my new chopper friends are giving me advice and even parts along the way. One thing i've learnt about the bike scene in Australia is it has a great sense of community. People are very willing to help fellow riders. The bike is slowly becoming a community built bike.
SUUS: Whats inspiring you at the moment?
David: There are so many amazing bike builders in Australia that inspire me everyday. You just have to scroll through instagram to see the ideas that people are coming up with. I want to meet them all.  I'm also lucky enough to meet and work with other photographers on a daily basis. I'm always in awe of what ideas people come up with in the studio. Also watching a lot of motorcycle films is a constant source of inspiration. Film makers and cinematographers seem to come up with the best angles and viewpoints.
SUUS: What gear do you use?
David: Working for SUNSTUDIOS, I'm lucky enough to have access to the full range of Canon products so my camera gear is always up to date Canon. Currently using either a 1DXmk2 or a 5DSR. My go to lens for bikes is a 70-200 2.8 so I don't get any funky wheel shapes. My studio lighting consists of Broncolor flash units.  
SUUS: What would be your top tips for amateur bike photographers?
David: Get to know the bike owners. The bike you're shooting is their pride and joy so treat it that way. Also there's a good chance they'll teach you a thing or 2 about motorcycles. You can never know too much about motorcycles. 
SUUS: Whats next for you, any thing interesting lined up? Any future bike shoots planned?
David: I have some ideas for bike shoots that I want to get happening. I plan on going to more events this summer to meet more people and see more bikes and of course finishing my bike is my number 1 priority for now. 
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Shoot with both eye’s open !!!

Sep 27, 2016

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