The Shakedown Exhibition - Line up

 Here's our star studded list of photographers whose work you can check out at the show on August 26/27/28 at Suus. You can join the event and stay up to date HERE

David Leyshon - Chop Shot

David (chop shot) first picked up a camera at the age of 12 and was hooked. Photography got serious later in life when he decided to study it in Melbourne. He trained as a product/ portrait photographer and has assisted and trained with some of the best photographers in Australia and the world. Working at SUNSTUDIOS and with Canon Professional Services has given David the opportunity to further his knowledge of Studio photography and the industry.

“My love of motorcycles has led to me shooting them as a hobby and now as main subject of my work. I use studio lighting for all shoots to give the motorcycle owner a more dramatic scene and something that they may not be able to achieve themselves.” - David Leyshon





Luke Ray - Tank Moto Magazine

After relocating to Australia from the UK around 10 years ago Luke began taking photography seriously. Working in automotive design for Ford Australia he took up part time studies to gain more control and knowledge. Around the same time he began visiting local hot rod and custom car shows with friends and began shooting them and developing a style of his own. Soon Luke was shooting in a freelance capacity for Street Machine magazine and shooting friends vehicles in his spare time. In 2008 a dinner conversation lead to the Luke using his unseen collection of personal work to produce issue 01 of Fuel Magazine. In 2012 he expanded his magazine offering to include Tank Moto a motorcycle focused publication. “Tank Moto has opened up new avenues for my motorcycle photography. Not only have I been fortunate enough to meet many talented motorcycle owners and builders, but I have also gained fruitful travel experiences both nationally and internationally, as Tank Moto editor Geoff and I search for the most interesting and diverse motorcycle stories that we can find.” - Luke Ray




Chris Cooper

Chris Cooper grew up riding BMX and shooting on 35mm. Photographing his mates riding on the weekends and looking over the shots together at school the next week was their ritual. In 2010 he discovered Fuel Magazine and attended the ‘Chopped’ festival in Castlemaine. He fell in love with the traditional hot rod, custom and chopper scenes and felt a strong connection to the camaraderie and ethics that surrounded them. Influenced heavily by photojournalism his work focuses on capturing a moment in time and telling a story. He shoots on both digital and 35mm cameras. “I want to leave a legacy of photographs on this earth. I want my friends to look back at the photographs in 10-20-50 years’ time and think “man, we had some bitchin' times” - Chris Cooper



Penny Vickery

Penny fell in love with black & white photography after studying it in high school and in her early 20s. The film process and magic of the dark room intrigued her. Seven years ago she bought a digital SLR. After discovering that digital photography was a completely different craft it took her a few years of “mucking around” before she started getting comfortable with digital. Her work mainly consists of her friends and their projects. Her photos have made their way into Greasy Kulture magazine, Dragon Wolf Press and she also produces a yearly keepsake publication for the event Kick Start Sunday. Earlier this year she also had her first solo exhibition. “There are so many rad bikes out there, shooting and meeting the guys and girls that ride and build them, is a total inspiration.” - Penny Vickery




Jason Lau

Coming from a fine-art background, Jason Lau has been creating art and cinematically inspired work through the photographic medium for over 15 years. Specialising in portraits, fashion and lifestyle photography, his work is about realising strong visions, and creating signature lighting styles. Jason’s interest in the custom motorcycle scene comes from his own love of riding. Capturing images of the motorcycle scene in his spare time has lead to him shooting for automotive brands like Tank Moto Magazine and Harley Davidson Australia and, more recently, taken him to the Himalayas.



Nick Edwards

Nicks transition into photographing motorcycles came out of necessity. His love of 70’s and 80’s styled choppers lead to him launching his own zine, ‘Dragonwolf press’, and shooting bikes himself was just one step towards making it happen. Nick prefers a rough and grainy look to crisp, refined images giving his work an almost period correct appearance. His photographs appear primarily in his zine and his subject matter is motorcycles that are built with a DIY attitude, just like his zine. “Don’t get me wrong, technique and process still needs to be there or it would just be considered a cop out and a hack. But it’s got to look good and sing ‘La vie en rose’ man, it’s got to move you in some way or another.” - Nick Edwards




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