Heres our round up of some of the best things to hit our shelves in 2016 including the new UHMWPE denim jeans.


5. Black Arrow - Night Hawk Jacket

The Night Hawk jacket is surely a piece that every motorcycle rider must have in their wardrobe! Inspired by vintage aviator jackets and designed for the cold or trans seasonal weather. It features a removable quilted full sleeve lining, shearling collar with a buckle strap to keep the collar up for those really chilly days, adjustable snaps at the bicep for when the quilted lining has been removed and a number of pockets both inside and out.

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4.Pleasure up T-shirt

Designed and screenprinted here in Collingwood this relaxed fit, short sleeve T-shirt features a chest print 'Suus MOTOWEAR' that might seem familiar. At 220gsm and 100% combed cotton this T-shirt is a classic that is made to last.

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3. Stylmartin Rockets

 A cafe racer style longer length boot made from full grain writer leather.

The antiqued brown leather finish ages beautifully with use and is backed with a waterproof and breathable lining to keep out mother nature. If you prefer to keep the leather nice and clean just polish regularly.

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2. The Smith - SUUS Leather Jacket with Richa 

The Smith Leather Jacket is an exercise in vintage design blended with modern protection. Designed right here in Collingwood by Suus and crafted by Richa of Belgium. This collaboration with Richa has enabled Suus to draw on the experience of this 60-year-old manufacturer, who has crafted a unique jacket to our exacting design and safety requirements.

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1. SUUS - 3066 Road Denim TF1s

The first of the range, we introduce the Made in Australia 3066 slim straight black road denim. We’ve sourced a 14oz UHMWPE denim (Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene)  that is a High-tech abrasion resistant fabric with awesome performance qualities without effecting style. It has been specially developed to make it highly resistant to rubbing, tearing and even penetrating objects. Breathable, water repellant, lightweight and durable, easily hugging the body. No special maintenance care is needed. 10 out of 10 comfort with the right amount of stretch.

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